Darwins Café


Our hours: April to October 8 am to 6 pm

Free wifi, chicken watching and great conversation.

A coffee house for readers, thinkers, locals & visitors.

We are now open for your enjoyment, serving organic espresso drinks, a wonderful array of home baked cakes, cookies and muffins, utilizing food harvested fresh from our kitchen garden beds.

We believe that we are what we eat, so we take pride in using greens and vegetables from our own organic garden, eggs from our humanely-raised chickens, and organic ingredients as much as possible.

A visitor once told us that Darwin’s Cafe is a cross between a library, his living room, and a cafe! We hope you will drop by – garden entry is not required to enjoy the cafe.

Darwin’s Cafe is available year round for meetings, musical evenings, catering, staff parties, wedding receptions, garden tours and more.

Please inquire by email: info@tbgf.org, phone: 250-725-2247 or directly within the Café.

Menu 2018

Now serving a wide array of delicious baked goods baked fresh daily by Tofino’s Summit Bread Co.

Croissants, Almond croissants, demi-baguettes, morning buns, sticky buns and more light fare.

We also have on offer our world-famous Chocolate Espresso cake, vegan Coconut Lemon cake and delicious fresh baked muffins.